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Just wanted to check in and say what a blessing it is to have my husband be the chef in our home. With our recent additions of a grill out back and a vegetable juicer + blender, we're eating better than we have our whole marriage. I've even cooked a few dishes myself :)

Speaking of blessings, I'm hoping you all have a lovely Holy week. Guam has an amazing source of events happening here on the island, complete with the Catholics doing an entire trek to the top of Mt. Lam Lam to bring a cross to the mountain top. This is an event that happens every year.

You & Me hiked up that same mountain a month back and it was one of the most likable hikes we've ever been on.

...and we're hikers. Steve has hiked the Grand Canyon some crazy high number of times and I've hiked in the Alps, Alaska and once, just once (very slowly) up the Grand ;)

my latest

I know this is a family blog, but I'm part of the family too & wanted to share something I've been working on lately! Click on the image below to open & flip through the new magazine, Method Press...

island hounds

my boy & girl at the beach

Ansel retrieves his first kong ball out of the water!

Gretel chases Ansel
dadi beach

ok, so in spite of the yearning in my bones for mountains
to be honest, island life isn't so bad sometimes

Gretel the great

Whoa. You were probably wondering how that second dog got slipped in there. I was reading through old posts and realized I hadn't given this girl a proper introduction.

Well, get ready-because you're about to meet my shining star miss Gretel. She's the latest addition to the King household and is just about the cutest thing both of us can possibly imagine.

She keeps Ansel real good company and as for me, well, it sure is nice to have a girl around here :)

We joke around that we have the perfect American family now that she helps us be complete but honestly I don't think we're really joking, we're big dog people. :)

valentine's day

valentine's day dress I

valentine's day isn't a big thing for us, but we decided to make it one this year for fun.
How was yours?

this is not what it seems

Welcome., originally uploaded by A Sense of Place Photography.

but it does *seem* nice doesn't it.

More later,

you & me


our pup., originally uploaded by A Sense of Place Photography.

just a quick greeting from the man of the house at the moment.

Ansel's 1st birthday

Did we mention that Ansel turned 1 year old this December? This photo is a bit old, but I love it. We had a hard time getting him to wear the hat. Don't worry, he's still 110% puppy.

{Speaking of Ansel, he finally got to come home from quarantine last week and I am so enjoying him keeping me company for this time}

Yay Ans! You make our family feel extra whole.

Love from,
mom & dad

ps: we don't have kids but sometimes it's fun seeing which roles we would play. I'm the comforter & consistently calm caretaker for sure. You is both the wild playmate and trusty disciplinarian.