....effects of being the youngest child....

p1-a. Me & You about to take our first bus ride together in sandyego
b. my new skirt from Goodwill ($5)
  1. You and Me both are the youngest of 3
  2. which leaves me always looking up to other people and wanting to be like them.
  3. I have so many questions. how do you create a blog that so many people read? will it make us famous? how do you make those photo montages that i constantly salivate over?
    i am jealous of you all and want to be just like you. Just wait 'Enry Iggins just you wait
~So, any holla's from the babies of the 'fams?


nancita said...

the people on the #2 statement
adored adored cherished encouraged and stood up to you when you were rude
the people who were towering over you as the "youngest" were people who thought everything you said held wisdom
every way you looked was adorable and everything you did was wonderful

nancita said...

a pretty amazing group to grow up in