...fights part I.....

p1. a.sign by nimitz bridge, sandyego
b. the negative setting is positive for me

1. We fight. duh. we're married

2. Here are some of the things we fought about today
:::The Bus Fare
Me: "you do not communicate" [40%]
You: "you do not listen" {60%}
Me: "so, you're not talking and i'm not listening?"
You: "yes"

::<>:: Stats
Worth: $-4.50, T-20m, <3-0, e="2" style="font-weight: bold;">Fight Key:
$=money lost
T=time spent arguing
%=strength of argument
<3=heartache gained
E=enlightenment gained (1=philosophy student, 2=yoga mom, 3=buddah)

""::""Daily Score/3.20.09
You: -50 pts (loss of mouth parts)
Me: -50 pts (ear damage)
You: + 50 points (admitting to needing tongue surgery)
Me: +50 (straight up forgiveness)

bottom line: fair fight

~So, what did you fight about today?

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