.....i hope we win!....

p1. this cool lady makes cool things, like this book
p2. which she is giving away!
p3. I hope we win

1. we had to write out all the reasons we liked each other
2. it was strenuous work, and we had to think hard
3. here are some favorites:

i like you because you're twice my size and i'm half your size

i like you, duh, you are a boy

i like you because you like my hands

i like you because you make me chocolate rice cereal

I like you because your brain is smart

i like you cuz you always roll up your pants like a cool guy

i like you so much when you talk to me while standing on chairs, to be taller

i like you because you stay up late in hotel rooms with me , creating art

i like you?

i like you. you sing songs with me

do i like you? yes! why? because you are nice to cuddle with

i like you, i like you because of....sunshine

you are the lyrics and i am the melody. gee. i like you.

hey! you have shooting stars in your eyes! i like you

i like you because you are star shots and sunshine

i like you because you like you

i like you because we look good together when we go out

because you wear a glow in the dark retainer.

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