.........i wrote her!............

Here's what I just sent off to fellow lovely blogger, Mrs. Watts:

Naomi/Taza/coveted Julliard Graduate/creative genius/fellow Christian,

1. I am in love with your blog
2. My husband and I are also in love & are 20-somethings
3. I am always full of ideas. My latest one follows:

{ The creation of a website featuring cute & awesome couples who represent several pockets of the United States: Northwest, California, Southwest, Midwest, Texas, The South, East Coast, New York. This site would feature ROCKSTAR DIARIES as covering the East Coast and THE YOU AND ME SHOW covering California (while we're still here)...and so on. These couples could be found using blog-spot, craigslist...etc. It would be a sort of Rick Steeve's Guide to being in love in the united states, but with a feminine, cutsy, artsy side for girls like us }

i can't think of a title yet, something about being young, in love, and in the usa.

people who travel to the US for their honeymoons, or couples that are moving to a new place could use the blogs for recommendations on

what to do
where to go

Anyways. If this site ever got made. ROCKSTAR DIARIES would just be the link that comes up under "East Coast"

or whatever. it may be lovely. it would have to be darling.


If not, can we still be BFF's anyways?

Mrs. Sunshine

(I hope it's ok!!)

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