(....i am a bad housewife...)

~We are 5 months and 10 days old today ~
p1-You shopping, Me taking pics
p2-2downtown sandyego
p3-late nights @ laundrymat
p4-Noel Kerns (flickr)

  1. ~.` I admit. I'm a terrible housewife.
  2. I should be cleaning, cooking, and turning the To-Do list into smithereens. Smithsonians, Samosas...
  3. But instead, I'm obsessed. Obsessed with many, other things. Of course, my husband comes home, I'm still in my underwear and sleep shirt and haven't moved an inch. Sorry, hubs, I'm an artist, not a house wife, but I LOVE YOU :) Here's what else I've been working on lately...

Night, In Crimson Pink, (by V.R. Mooshe)

Night Crawls into My Meaning
unwanted, She is wearing Pink
to shatter the dullness of the
wicked, tilled, false

She is wearing Pink to shutter across the
lifeless, vein, fake
curse of never ending
soil, fog, and rain.

Sending Forrest into Woo Land,
sending spirit into disco mode,

She waivers when I break it off
when morning comes,
He's rap dap zapping on the door...

Now, go ahead, post your own poetic response +

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