.....names of our childeren......

1. a. so tonight we've been thinking about baby names
b. even though it is 8 years away
2. a. we want to have one child,
b. then adopt another of the opposite sex
3. a. here they are, we think they're beautiful
b. vote
(f). Tanzbodelli Leila Barnes King
(f). Lola Love Kano King
(m). Sprutz Walter Barnes King
(m.) Doolen Vaasco Kano King

ps: "we've named our children after towns we've never been to"-
ironically timed lyrics by "Black Cadillacs"
by Modest Mouse which I'm listening right now
on this awesome site

pss: Tanz & Sprutz = spots in Gimmelwald, Switzerland (where my heart is from)
psss: Doolen =a city in Ireland (where my mom's heart is from)
pssss: Lola is because, we love the song
psssss: the rest are woven in family heirlooms
pssssss: we also considered:
(f/m). The King :)

1 comment:

Katrina LB King said...

I also love

Lila Ruby Barnes King

...beautiful name. Just saw it on an etsy store recently ;)