Picture Poem Match Project II

p1. artwork thanks to Zach Sterns

she turns her back on him and pretends to not soak up all of his blue beauty-V.R. MOOSHE

What are we
but green and flaky Pringle chips
standing stupor under sky that looks like sea.
shooting wicked cotton billows who, salivating, lick out clouds
that look like rooms that we once had when we were babies.
We are falling suffocating
on a stage of still tonight
and decomposing like this plant
we grieve for mourning.

Standing so

wisp fully; if we break we may take flight!
wistfully; we lust for sky!
wishfully; we'll make it!
willfully; let us on into the night!

What are we but tantric
trees of firefly?

{please post your own poetic response!}
{an extension of this project}

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