.....merci a Kari Herer!......excuse my french.....

~this windy beginning of april
was blessed by
fool you not,
the city of Paris~

..a beautiful gift from talented artist Kari Herer at first seems like just another picture of the famous city, but looking beneath and beyond it is a pure statement on the originality that is often lost these days in photography: no jazzing up no special effects, she just let Paris be. I found her store browsing etsy. We were even more impressed as to receiving the 8X10 print as it is of excellent quality both in color and on (my favorite) archival paper with matte finish. Her work, like the gift is touching and darling; we're quite excited to get acquainted with her talent. Thank-You Kari!
the very first trip to Europe I took was with my family and it was to Paris, France. I remember being completely jet-lagged with my sister and us crashing out in our hotel at 7AM listening to french rap and suddenly I thought I was hearing bombs. It was instead, a unforgettably genuine french thunderstorm in July 2004. I was 14.
(now we can say we got married in Paris!)

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