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Lovely Lady Studio Musings is a magician of the wind. She recycles perfectly delightful items and uses them for her wind chimes and other houseware art. I was pleased to find her entire shop is green earth friendly & we are glad to know her art because it contributes in so many ways. Do Mark This Store In Your Goodie Bag.

[a wispy interview with wind artist, StudioMusings]

Q` what is the windiest place you've been
A` The windiest place I've been would have to be at the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, CA. I camped there once as a teen, and as we stood on the edge of the crater, I was sure that I could be lifted by the wind and blown away.

Q` how does wind influence your art?
A` I love the sounds the wind makes, and the movement caused by it. In my art, I try to blend the sounds of my silver ware pieces (chimes) so it is a pleasing melody, and I always put a swivel on the piece so it can turn with the breeze.

Q`what's the most challenging & rewarding part of the art you create?
A' The most challenging part of my art is finding the right piece and rescuing it. I like taking an item that is dirty, dented, mistreated, etc. and clean it up. I might polish it, or paint it, and add embellishments to it. Creating something that is useful, pleasing to the senses, and just plain fun, is truly rewarding. I love to upcycle.

Q`what do you do in life when there doesn't seem to be enough wind (goodness?)
A`We rarely have that problem in Santa Maria, CA. It seems to always be windy. In fact, I've done craft shows where people told me they would love to buy a wind chime, but it is just too windy where they live. But on those rare windless days, I sit back and relax, knowing a windy day is just around the corner.

Q`Tell us about something you've loved, that has blown away.
A` I haven't had anything I loved blow away-yet.

Dénouement: For StudioMusings, art seems to be a very personal, handpicked process. Her art has real heart behind it and is obviously not just out for the sale but to enhance and save the whirling turbo ball that we call home. She also used the word "upcycle" which I adore! Thanks StudioMusings!

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