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The celebration of couples that make it, and why.

In a time where 50% of marriages fail in the United States, I yearn to celebrate the ones that succeed! My plan is to create a photo-study called "Love That Lasts" In which 100 couples are photographed and interviewed about their marriage, their struggle, and their love. In a sense, it will be photographing America's 100 happiest couples and what makes the still tick. Cute photos of old couples kissing? Ring a bell? That's because everyone loves them! The book will consist of several sections.

10 Years Together
20 Years Together
30 Years Together
40 Years Together
50 Years Together
60 Years Together
70 Years Together

The similarities and contrasts I will find and display in this study, I hope will increase our own understanding and success of marriage.

Questions asked of couples will be why they got married, what their greatest struggle has been, what advice they would offer to other couples, what they would have done differently...etc

This photo study will not exclude any race, religion, or sexuality.


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