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By The Wind by `Foxfires on deviantART

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we choose wind because it so represents our homeland (Flagstaff, Arizona) and is a huge part of Steve's career (sailing) and also reminds me of what San Diego, although we love it, lacks (weather)! I applaud artists who make something that cannot be seen, be seen :)

[a wispy interview with wind artist, FoxFires]

Q` what is the windiest place you've been
A` Cannon Beach, Oregon - in December. 90 mph winds! Raging ocean. No power. LOVED IT.

Q` how does wind influence your art?
A`Metaphorically, wind is in everything I do, because I literally go where the wind of inspiration takes me! Literally, it just sounds cool

Q`what's the most challenging & rewarding part of the art you create?
A` Bringing a client's idea to life. SO hard, since it is outside my natural flow of ideas. The reward is the astonishment in their eyes.

Q`what do you do in life when there doesn't seem to be enough wind (goodness?)
A`Seek it out. In my case, that means - go to the ocean. A never ending source of wind/inspiration/joy/muse/delight/daydream/nightwhisper

Q`Tell us about something you've loved, that has blown away.
A`Oh who hasn't been in love with a balloon as a child, only to have it plucked up and stolen into the sky? A gentle introduction to loss.

Dénouement: FoxFires is also madly in love with her husband. She was also cool enough to use the word "nightwhisper" which I loved. Her world is one of fantasy in grandeur which she creates through digital art, writing, and custom designs. You & Me say standing ovation!

hm, 2nd poetry book cover......?


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Aimee said...

Oh this is lovely!! I'm honored that you included my piece here! Thank you so much!