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[so i finished up the last series of the acting workshop last night. It was fun to 'get back into it' since I'm taking the first semester off of my entire life. I remembered how as a young student I would sponge up everything I ever heard as mere truth. I'm thrilled now to know that I have the maturity to discern between an educated & trained person's opinion and my own.
in other words,
there is a 4th wall
but please
break it!

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this would be a perfect time to introduce another new series (are you seeing a trend?)
Tuesday's At The Theatre!

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Each & Every Tiresome Tuesday we'll try to liven things up with a stage for new movements in the theatre world, as well as emerging scripts, musicals, and of course what's going on in the ever entertaining life of Mr. Sunshine's Wife, Mrs. Me- who is, by trade an actress under an undisclosed name and often forgets this.
Sarah Simmons (who appears in one of my favorite movies, Minority Report) really stressed last night about how important studying the craft is. As inherently entertaining as I am, she is certainly right & I've got to hop to it since



I got accepted to a musical theatre conservatory
two of my life dreams, coming to fruition, and husband supporting every step I take!
I'm going to try my talent out on streets of rusty ic
e & champagne
hoping lucky dice will find me
and the whole world will have a chance to love me

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[bad news]

will be

this many

hours away

[artwork thanks to parakeetpeach]

what's a girl to do?

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