....Ceremony of events.....

meadows of heaven
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so we finally got the wedding ceremony written out
wanna see?

Playing of "Sunrise Sunset" As people gather in meadow
Playing of "Here Comes The Sun" As Bride and Groom "meet" in meadow

Bride and Groom come to Center in front of Guests and hold hands
At this point, Flower Girls and Ring Bearer Travel up to Bride and Groom
Exchange of The Vows & Rings
At this point, the music stops. Officiant Greets Bride & Groom and they kneel

b e n e a t h the t r e e by =fionajanekerr on deviantART

A Blessing is Given by Officiant and Bride & Groom Rise
At this point, Officiant hands couple a white flower/balloon & exits
With White Flower, Couple stand on Rock.
At this point, Maid of Honor comes and gives Bride a Red Flower. All other women follow suit
At the same time, Best man comes and gives Groom red balloon. All other men follow suit.
At last flower/Balloon They

Kiss by ~astroplus on deviantART
Playing of "here comes the sun" resumes. Garter is Tossed. Flower is Tossed

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