.....the knit for cancer.....

Here it is:
Our first Installment of
I'm simply bursting!
So sit, back take a chair and some bon bons
and get inspire while we introduce our first seller for
Sunday's A Chair-At-Ease: Stories Behind Sellers Who Give To Charities

adorably named etsy shop by
Laura Mays (another lovely name)
is a metropolis of
that doesn't just clothe the public
but also helps to clothe a cause: by knitting away cancer
The cancer campaign that they choose to donate to is the Carry On Campaign.
How it works: Lamaworks donates
10% of their sales to this campaign & includes detailed information
about the amount of donation and cause for each purchase.

Here's the intervju:

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Sewinggranny Mona said...

Great feature and great charity to help out...Good luck!