.....may 24th, 2009....

So, this day is all 
I'm going to be talking about
for quite awhile 
get ready 

It didn't match up to our real wedding day
but it was very close

and the fact that it's over
is really nice too
because now husband can see how I am 
(which is way cooler) 

[ photo by friend Cliff Ghiglieri ]


gangsta bride said...

ooo i can't wait to see the pics. mind posting them?

The King Family said...

Hi gangstabride! Just visited the blog. lol. "trying to be artsy, duh" that's something I tell my sister all the time. she doesn't get it...yet. Yep, the pictures will be ready next week and you guys will be sick of hearing & seeing it by then. It was a beautiful day but the most beautiful part is not having to deal with the stress of it anymore! :) welcome to the you & me show. how'd you find us?!

Liv Lundelius said...

can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to see the pictures!