shame on me
I haven't even introduced this little munchkin to you yet
her name is
[which is Hebrew for Beautiful, & Pleasant]
I bought Nava in October of 2007 after a rough time in my life and ever since that day she has been my buddy. She's a bit bigger now than she is in this picture but it's so amazing how much love pets can give people. She's traveled across the country not one, not two but
times with me, spent 6 months with my mom in Oklahoma, and now a week being boarded so we could go to our public
and still in the morning she comes and cuddles in my arms,
licks my face
and purrs that everything will be alright.

I love that she doesn't hold any grudges against me.
When You asked me to marry him, I told her "Hey, we have a daddy now! I'm going to get you a boy of your own" It's been almost 8 months since that day....
a cat-finding I go

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