today is a good day
the wedding is over
and we had a wonderfully starry time
hanging out in starry flagstaff, our hometown
seeing much missed friends and family
steve was supposed to leave yesterday on the tugboat
but it is extended till Monday
which gives us time
time for finding a place in New York
finding a roomate in Norfolk
spending a little alone time together
getting a car
playing with Nava
you know,
the good stuff
I'm sitting here with a red bandana on my head; i haven't showered in a few days with the traveling in our new apartment in Virginia Beach, VA. It is beautiful and we have waterfront property so right now I'm listening to birds chip and looking out on a darling lake. Nava is trying to climb up the screen door and there is no furniture yet. Just a new start. I could just stay here , but I have school to finish and away to new york city we go this weekend to find me a place as well!
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[photo inspiration from unknown sources]

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