photo by wellington

i am sad that you is gone

but i'm glad he's seeeing beautiful things

like dolphins riding by the side of the boat

and nights glancing further and further into ocean clouds

a school of sharks, little baby style

and a sunrise of open ocean wonder



Bonbon Oiseau said...

wait. who are you? thanks for your visit to my world. i am in love with you and your blog. please be my new best friend? (is that pushing it?)

KLBK said...

the comic me says: yes, get in line, I charge .10 p/p

the real me says: yay!!!!!!!!! I have a blog best friend :)\

Who am I? Gosh I hope to never arrive at a set answer for that. For now I am cherry-eater need to clean the house girl ;)

Brian Miller said...

thanks for stopping by. tell your hubby its ok, it doesn't imasculate you to blog. look forward to his retribution post. smiles. lovely words.