...............late night design............

it's late at night and I can't decide which business cards I like the best
I get to choose 2
i'd better
sleep on it

(more info about this awesome designer later)
I already gushed about the


Tina Tarnoff said...

The top one - on the right with the color swirls

The bottom one - the one on the right, also with the color.

Are those front and back or?

I like the design a lot! xoxo

KLBK said...

I love that one too but sometimes I feel like it looks like a dragon is setting the camera on fire. & I can't decide if that is good or bad...

jamie said...

I like the top left one the best. I think the black and white should be consistent throughout. The swirl adds a nice touch. I am so glad that everyone likes it, we did good.

KLBK said...

thanks jamie! (she's our logo creator)