"small reminders of our frail but significant foothold within [earth]."-Auzara

artwork thanks to Auzara

introducing our 2nd installment of
this series

1st I want to know where all the beautiful countryside is that serves for inspiration for her shop. She lives very close to You & Me. Perhaps a photo-outing is in store for the future. I'd give her more of an intro but her first line really just says it all....

"I've been volunteering since I could stand...."

if only the same could be said about each of us! Let's pretend it's Sunday on this Tuesday evening, roll our feet up in cozy socks, and tune in to this week's seller who chooses to give to a charity...

hands by ~ciprianc on deviantART

God Bless You!
You & Me

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The Cottage Cheese said...

Auzora's photography is beautiful, and it's so admirable that she has spent so much time volunteering for Habitat. Love your blog! The photos of you and your husband are so sweet!