................the thoughts of an after-star............

the only thoughts I think when I see these, are

Katie & Steve

he loves me

Katie & Steve

i love him

Katie & Steve

life is good

a little something I wrote today....Weddings are so monumental. We had ours private but then the public ceremony was even important to have. It's like your entire life you chit chat with your girlfriends about what married life will be, who the lucky boy is, etc etc. it is age old. It is golden with hope and the idealism that only love can offer. The idyllic image of the wedding dress hanging in the window, the pre-preparation is such a homage to this journey that really is beginning. What I think is sad about weddings is that this beautiful event, this gathering and celebration of the youth of love, this coming together of centerpieces, cake, and merriment is a garnish designated only to the 1st day of happiness. Marriage has such astigmatisms and I think that in part this can be attributed to a lack of expectant beauty for the future. As a culture we allow it to become boring, dry, dull, everyday. This idea of wonder, magic, and super-stardom should be incorporated into every day to save and not starve that which makes us inside glow.

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