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So....Sarah got me thinking about this idea "101 things to do in 1001 days"

I was inspired, but I wanted to tweak it a bit. I've been feeling really down lately because there are so many things that You & I don't get to experience because he is in the Navy for another depressing 1,665 days. Well, I figured instead of being glum about it, I would find 101 things that I could do in the meantime. Things that when he gets out, I could look back and say that I (we) accomplished that would help us live the rest of our lives together (and yes, he is getting the *F* out!) So...that being said, here we go!

1. make a photography portfolio that you can hold in your hands and show to clients/galleries (check!)
2. make a very cohesive artist statement (check!!)
3. find something very specific to do an ongoing photo study on
4. learn how to cook 20 delicious recipes (just watched Julie & Juliet)
5. become a working actor again
6. become a working singer again
7. get to the point where I can start taking pointe in ballet class
8. have my own cd made with my very own songs
9. go apple picking with steven (check!!!)
10. take Trevor on a great adventure
11. spend at least 2 more summers in Switzerland
12. spend at least 5 more months living in NYC (on my way! one more to go!)
13. visit two of the following places: Norway, Iceland, Nepal, Africa, Alaska
14. create my own business (legally)
15. save a substantial amount of money
16. be featured in "interestingness" on flickr
17. make an art film short (check?)
18. create fun and original outfits out of the clothes I already own
19. shoot a wedding
20. decide on which charity I want to fully support
21. go to the TCP auditions in Seattle
22. publish 1 other poetry book, 1 children book, and 1 photo book
23. publish [the book You and I are working on]
25. publish the auto-biography
26. Show Steven Gimmelwald
27. become comfortable in my own skin
28. be apart and contribute to a Christian community that inspires me
29. to be well known in the art world, but most importantly contribute good quality.
30. to have a screen play finished
31. to start on my way to Swiss citizenship
32. to go sailing 20 more times with my husband {3 down}
33. to purchase a sailing boat
34. to have an amazing golden birthday (23)
25. to learn how to play guitar/piano well enough to accompany myself
26. to bring in money with etsy
27. to be kinder
28. and more loving
29. and more patient (check)
30. to read the Bible every day
31. to pray every day
32. to show people what I've got quickly
33. to finish my degree (check!!)
33. to get a degree to teach English abroad
34. to apply at TASIS
35. National Geographic
36. The Ad Council
37. Broadway
38. to be in the Union
39. to get an agent (check)
40. have one more Barnes reunion (check?)
41. to create/play music at least once in an original band (check?)
42. to throw an olympian art party
43. see that green streak that went across the sky.
44. plan a trip around the world for hubs and i (as much as you can plan something like that)
45. to develop my own photography again
46. to get a polaroid camera, holga, diana, rebel, holgaroid...
47. to try stand up
48. to learn all about adoption rules
49. to learn how to sail
50. go to burning man
51. photograph a semi-famous person
52. spend Christmas day in New York (check)
53. get a regular work out schedule
54. save my marriage (check)
55. be more a part of community
56. to revenge my brother's unjust circumstance
57. to relax more
58. simplify
59. to work on a long term documentary project
60. to be a better housewife (check)
61. to go hot air ballooning
62. Do do a European tour with a group as a performer/writer/etc

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Sarah Nicole said...

This is a fantastic list! I think it is a great idea to take a positive approach to your situation. I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing your goals!