........bright and beautiful new things........

Ava Sophia. 1 year old. A real doll.
Caydence Elizabeth. 1 year old. Could she get any cuter?
Tristan Michael Hallet. The newest of the birthday's!! 1 year old.

boy, are we lucky

I can't believe these beautiful things belong to us as perfect nieces and nephews

Thanks sisters, for being such great moms to our little ones
{and dads too!}

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Anonymous said...

These little ones are my heros. Just think of all they have endured during their first year of life. They have encountered and experienced so many things: some scary, some weird, and all of them new. They have done it all with easy smiles and laughs for those who look on in wonder at their little miracles. I love my little one year old than any words can say. I did not know love till I loved him.