............dear readers of my blog.............

me @ 16 in Alaska
Dear Beautiful Readers,

I have noticed that there are 21 of you. That's fantastic! One for every year of my life so far! I think its about time that we get to know one-another. The fact that you take the time to read this blog makes my toes curl up and paint little swirls on the ceiling! So, I encourage you to comment back on this post if you're reading it, even if you're not a usual commenter....

Some things I'd love to know

1. What are your plans for the Fall?!

2. What was your highlight of the Summer?

3. What would you like to see more of on the You & Me Show

(can't wait!)

xoxo, You & Me

purple toes


Maxie said...

my plans include hibernating and saving up for next summer. story of my life!

Jessilyn said...

1. I hope to have moved out to New York City to start my post-college graduate life. I can't wait to live in the city and experience all it has to offer.

2. I actually had a terrible summer. My boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me for no reason, but since summer isn't over yet, maybe mending my heart and moving on would be a great highlight?

3. I love your photos, and your blog layout and designs are very reminiscent of an English countryside. I'd love to see more photos of that nature!