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ok. so second row, 2nd from the left is me. next one to the right is kristin.

She is now (and has always been) a beautiful woman with a gorgeous husband,

they got married 3 months after You & Me. Today I was chatting with her on facebook about said

situation (read below post) and not only did she call up a member of her church here in VA to h

help me, but she wrote an entire post about me on her blog. I'm usually quite the anti-social

turtle but reaching out and seeing that someone went far and beyond the call of duty, and is out t

there praying for me meant a great deal. Anyways. Thanks. Things have to look up soon.

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Momma J said...

I love Kristin too.. She's fantastic big sister.. :) I know things will get better for you guys.. we're praying for you <333