this last weekend was one of those
organize papers & get better weekends
{with some dabs of playing tennis, a new church, and watching The Office}
so I took the liberty of creating some decorative clotheslines in the house....

1. [top] a collection of small prints I have from Yvette, Tulip, & Vantaini

2. [middle] the collection of wedding cards we received at our public wedding!

3. [bottom] a collection of postcards and letters. This specific world envelope is by sanguinaria

4. [last] my very favorite! A world map with push pins to mark our world travels, a the exact USA map we took on our cross country road trip 2009, to mark our way, and an Arizona map to mark our homeland :)


Rose Red said...

Beautiful pictures. I have a clothesline in my craft room where I hang my ribbons, I love it.

Lovely blog, I especially love your banner :)

Rose Red said...

A picture of my craft line is on this post


Love the turtle dove project! I will have to think of something to submit.

the southern hostess said...

I love it! Your blog is wonderful.

Jessilyn said...

I love the first one! You are so good at that technique (taking a bunch of photos and piecing them together to create a unified effect).