........a little bit of rain through the clearing.............

I'm not counting....
but if I was,

I'd say:

"Wow! 40 readers?!"


What would you all like to see & read about on here?

This week has flown by for you & me....
I'd love to hear how yours went

Love from,

Katrina & the king


Pretty Neat Designs said...

I'm new here (#42!), but I like it all. My week was insanely busy and I think that calls for a chocolate filled weekend. Look forward to reading more posts!

jessilynyoo said...

I just finished my first week of work - my first job out of college! I'm working in NYC and so grateful to be a part of this wonderful city. I am exhausted from commuting though, and am hoping and praying that I can move out there soon. After a horrible summer, things are starting to look up.

I hope you had a great week! Blogs like yours make me feel less alone.