........the marriage mirage.......

sometimes i don't know what marriage is. is it something to play with? is it something you can turn on or tune up? sometimes marriage is the hardest thing i have ever done, and sometimes it is the easiest thing i could ever imagine. Sometimes marriage is black and white and sometimes it looks grey from the horizon. sometimes marriage is my pet turtle and sometimes marriage looms above me and i can't quite see the sky. Sometimes marriage is a thicket I can't get through and sometimes I am swimming
and covered in slippery fish. is marriage a cake or a princess,and why does it start with mmm. Does marriage turn away when you are not looking on and why does everyone applaud or scorn you when your name begins with Mrs? sometimes marriage is something I could teach in preschool and sometimes marriage is me inside of a dew drop inside of a testtube being dropped into the wild ocean. i am rarely good at marriage but i am rarely giving up.
but it is always what i am most proud of it always sweeps the wind out of under my feet
marriage is what it is but

I am in love with You

with or without marriage
with or without time
with or without logic
your heart is inside of mine

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jessilynyoo said...

I think what you said was very true. It is what it is, and it's also what you make it out to be. And the most important thing is to build this life together with someone you love. Yay for you two! You guys give me hope that I'll find my person one day.