..........Mr. Ozwald.................

look who's the newest member of our family!
Meet Mr. Ozwald

[you can tell...he wants to be a newspaper reporter already...posing elegantly beside the typewriter. This morning he was to be found in my script box....obviously quite the little artist on our hands]

I've never bought an animal with anyone before so it was very bonding to buy our first pet together as newlyweds. At 12 weeks old, it hasn't quite figured out how to snuggle with us yet...but that will come. So now we're even in this household...2 guys and 2 girls.

Lately, our cat, Nava has been seeming a little lonely. We've been looking for a second one for awhile now, and we got Newton for free! Unfortunately.....their meetings so far have been....tense...but we hope that they become good friends in no time (any advice for introducing cats?) As for now, Nava is sitting with me at the computer as usual...and Newton is in the other room exploring and getting used to his surroundings. I'm waiting till You comes home again tonight to do another introduction (video footage coming soon)

It's so rainy and chilly here this morning...it feels so cozy, like winter (my favorite season) may soon be upon us...tell us...how was your labor day weekend?

I love You. I love Nava. I love Newton.
I love your little comments, too.

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