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Q. who is me {katrina}?
A. i'm a freelance writer, photographer, actor, singer, world traveler, design-lover, napper, Christian, avid dog lover {yet only has cats}, avid NYC lover (but country bumpkin at heart) wife, and blogger. a housewife is really the last thing I ever thought I'd be and I'm still always trying to find ways to get out of it! I also do not have any obsession with cupcakes...at all. i am *always* looking for a job. i am *always* up for travel. i've recently been dreaming of designing clothes with photography. my dream jobs are 1. La Fuerza Bruta 2. The Ad Council 3. National Geographic 4. Writing a book*

*I actually just finished my first poetry book. You should buy it. Here [contact seller if sold out]

exhibitionist. idealist. loves mountains.

Q. if i was an animal: A. white flamingo
Q. who is you {the king}?
A. old fashioned lover of sailboats, poetry, Judaism, history, language, coffee & chocolate. also by far the sexiest man I have ever seen. he has magic in his hands and in his lips. he is *always* up for ice cream. he is *never* one to whine. his dream jobs are 1. circumnavigating the globe 2. designing sailboats 3.owning a ranch 4. writing a book {and if truth be told, he can sing and act better than I ever could despite all my years of training....though he'd never admit it)

internal. cynic. loves the ocean.

Q. if he was an animal: A. dodo bird

we both have sunshine love

Q. you guys look so happy in your photos. what's the secret?
A. Pepsi dent. ;)

just kidding....we're trying to explore that. come see what we have found

Q. how did you meet?
A. we had to kiss in a school play. :) [thanks mr. levin...]

Q. what is your greatest struggle in blogging?
A. I'm really not this up-beat in real life. Keeping things positive, while still real is a huge challenge to me. On the other hand, people have always gotten on my case for living in the clouds & I rather like having a place where I can do that. Its quite good for the soul. You always says I'm a sucker for popular trends and what people think. He's very correct about this weakness. Sometimes I dream about what I would write if I were really brave enough...but I have to have order somewhere in my life

Q. what type of camera do you use?

1. fujifilm fine pix
2. polaorid one step
automatic 230
3. polaroid land camera
4. minolta film camera

5. Diana F+
6. Joycam Polaroid
7. Polaroid one step
8. Canon t1i

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