.....the salt water duet.......

I think my favorite moment happened yesterday.

You & Me were standing at the sink, both gargling warm salt water to rid ourselves of this aching throat....

We decided we should be singing tunes while we did this to make it more fun. So we would gargle our favorite songs.

It was when we got to "hey mr. tamborine man", that I burst out laughing....salt going all the way out my nose (first time I've ever laughed so hard that anything went out my nose)

So, ok. Not doing that again. But it was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s


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jessilynyoo said...

Oh that's happened to me before too - laughing so hard that whatever you're drinking (or in your case, gargling) shoots out of your nose! It hurts like hell, but the pain is eased by the fact that for that moment, your life was surrounded by laughter and love.