.........take the weather with you................

{10 reasons why You & Me are excited for the
change in the weather}

1. the morning chill to put us at our best moods for the day
2. more blankets = more snuggling
3. we've never had a fall on the east coast before!
4. i get to wear my red long johns all day!
5. Christmas* (my favorite holiday) is even closer
6. it reminds us more of our chilly homeland, whom we miss
7. less bugs (still so not accustomed to the southeast)
8. hopefully a hiking trip to these mountains {please, husband?}
9. and here too {pretty please, husband?}
10. we both had almost an entire year of summer....and have been craving winter like candy

I have to admit though, even though we live 10 minutes away from the beach, we didn't go all summer...isn't that awful of us!

one of my favorite photographers is featured on our turtle dove project today
go have a gaze...

*I must confess, I was up late designing possible Christmas cards last night...

*blushes again*
*restrains herself from posting them*

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