..........we would like to thank...............

everyone a long the way who has had such an integral role in
this blog being able to exist

i thought i'd make a little list of everyone whom has dealt with my
oh-so-not technological savvy
(if nothing else...i'm resourceful...i wouldn't want you to think i did all of this on my own!)

{my husband}-for listening to me talk about this blog all the time
{my mom} for being the first (and most frequent) commenter :)

{taza}-general inspiration to start this blog & helping me realize being a housewife can be cool
{thatunreliablegirl}-groundwork blog layout and design
{callmekristindesigns}-helping me make a button for the turtle dove project
{vin the blog doctor}-for helping me several times, even though I didn't get it
{jessieturtle}-for all of my shop buttons
{meshasuicide}-for helping me put a 3rd column on my blog
{wigglysister}-for helping me fix my blog margins
{TBA}-for helping me install a navigation bar
{my husband}-for helping me to finally get the blog button to work
{david king}-for helping me get my e-mail subscription box to work
{linkedwithin}-for helping me get my linked within to work
{picnik}-for helping me edit my photos since I don't have photoshop
{everyone on my blogroll}-for your endless inspiration & happiness
{freya @ f-ad}-for immense help with layouts
{dana} for finally showing me how to enlarge my picture size!
{fpoe} for constantly blog mothering me!
and most of all,
you my readers
whose comments and growing numbers
make my heart light up

{if I forgot you....please let me know....i'm sorry}

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