.............climate change.........................

If you haven't gotten the memo, this is one of the most important places in the world to me
and I am lucky enough to be able to have visited/lived here three times so far with many more to come. When I heard that the glaciers on the Swiss Alps were melting a few years ago in the National Geographic, I went through a minor shock. Here are 5 small romantic ways you can help climate change

  • visit the library instead of buying books/cds
  • turn down the theromostat 5 degrees at night and cuddle up with your person or favorite blanket
  • visit an organic farm/farmers market and buy local/organic
  • the train is the new plane. and how romantic are train rides!
  • take a long walk to somewhere that you need to go. on the way, share something about yourself that your spouse may not have known about before!

at the end of the day, I live for about 5 things
one of them is this place


Amy said...

I love this! What a great post. I like that you put romance and climate change together. It's cute :)

Liv Lundelius said...

Thanks for this post!

Its a nice and friendly reminder.
Also eating vegan more often helps a lot!!!
And can be delicious.

Jessilyn said...

What a beautiful place - and you are so lucky to have been there three times! One of my life goals is to visit Switzerland - I just feel as if there is such a quaint and homey feel to the country.

I love trains too :)

Hope you are having a happy Sunday Katrina!