...........did you know.................

I have a tiny shop
where I sell my works in photography
it would love a visit from you

[I am very much into the barter system if you're interested in a print....all prints can be made into cards as well....I also do event documentation........]


The other day we were encouraged in Virtual Labs to think of larger goals as artists beyond blog readership and hearts & sales on etsy. Then I read a small article on how our goal as photographers should't be to provide interior decorating ideas, but to mirror a journey of the self. That was a hard question for me because I always just wanted to have my artwork hanging in other people's homes...but now that I've already passed that goal....here is what I've come up with:

  • To make a sustainable income for my family using my art
  • To work for the Ad Council / National Geographic [dream jobs]
  • To travel and document the life of a touring artist
  • To help people create art who may have not had the oppourtunity before
  • to help equalize women's stereotypes in fashion photography
  • to make connections for my acting career through photography

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