Guest Post by Miss. Chief!

My name is Miss.Chief!
I'm visiting this lovely blog from way over at, thanks to the 20SB blog swap, and I have to say I think I am way out of my league.
Look at this place! It's so pretty!
I see all kinds of photos, art, poetry...and what's that over on the right side? CURRENTLY CAST IN? Is this woman an actress?
This is really intimidating, posting on a stranger's blog.

The worst thing is we didn't end up making any plans together for our posts. You know why? Because I'm lame and don't check my e-mail. Poor Katrina had e-mailed me twice with ideas and plans and I rudely ignored her.

This is the strangest thing: blogger set us up randomly, but she has the exact same name as my old roommate. Maybe they're the same person? Wouldn't that be weird? I really hope it's not her because we didn't get along very well. She was all "ooh I have a giant head and a small body like a Bratz doll and I totally hate everything all the time" and I was like "You better not hate my cats" and she was like "I totally hate your cats" and she moved out shortly after.

That's not you, is it?

On my blog, I usually tell people what I hate, but today I feel like talking about some things I have learned from Katrina's blog.

First, the cliches:
1. Sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand words
2. Less is more
And the rest:
3. How to stay in love ;) (I really like this)
4. Snail mail is always awesome
5. My photography skills could really use some work.
6. Handmade is better
7. A dodo bird and a white flamingo can get married
8. There is no reason not to put yourself out there; write a book, act in a play, start a project, own your own business. You can do it!

Thank you, Katrina, for inspiring me with your simple and beautiful blog!

*Note from Me: Click here to read my post on her blog


katrina and the king said...

aw, thanks so much Miss. Chief! Thanks for your love list and compliments :) Yes, I am an actress [or at least studying to be]. I thought it was intimidating posting on your blog too.

No, I don't think I was your ex-roomate. I'd like to hope that my head is proportional to my body. You know, being an actress and all...

If you ever need any help with photography, just let me know
& thanks for being you!

miss. chief said...

This was fun. Thanks for having me!