11 days of Christmas [ a series in images]

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An Ode To My Favorite Festive Images....Artist Cited Underneath.

Wow, we're getting down to the wire. You & Me have decided to spend our Christmas here together in Virginia. It will be both of our first Christmas's without our extended families, and they will be missed very much, but we are excited to have a cozy day together! We'd been planning a grand adventure for this Christmas, somewhere super like Norway, or Iceland, but I think we are just going to take it easy this time around. Who knows, perhaps we'll throw in a quick trip to Richmond, or NY or Round Hill. And yes, we're hoping for snow! All our Christmas postcards are sent out, we celebrated the first night of Chanakuh the other day, and school is wrapping up. We'd love to hear how you are spending your holiday season!

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