.....first breath of december giveaway!!............

It's December 24th, and besides the usual kumquats and rollie-pollies stuffing your droopy fireside stocking this year, there is something else waiting for you. With a certain magical whimsy to the squareness of its outline, it asks you to unwrap it. You do, and out from under neath it's sparkly skin flies out

The Breath Between Whirlscapes and Landwinds by absurdest poet V.R. MOOSHE hand bound by Italian bookmaker celestefrittata.

What's more, it's a crimson gift from Saint Nicholas, free of any petty charges reserved for only muggles.... be careful, you just may spend the rest of Christmas eve reading and journaling until the very last page....

Dudley will be sure to be red faced with envy...but a bit of magic will cure that, won't it?

This giveaway train leaves platform 9 3/4 in two week's time! All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment over on Celeste Frittata's Blog; we'll randomly choose the winner on December 15. Keep in mind that during this period the book is on sale in the shop for 30$ instead on 40$ so if you want to be sure to have it by Christmas Eve hurry up and purchase it now!


ps: I wrote it

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