......Hello From The Kings!............

Hello Friends and Family!!!
Here are some recent pictures of our honeymoon/wedding this last year

We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on 10.10.2009
We may be moving to an undisclosed tropical location in July.
Check back on New Years for more info!
Katie & Steve are both working on their bachelor degree.
Steve has 4 more years in the Navy and Katie is currently cast in a local show. They are both featured in a local fine art gallery.
Check out our photography, music*, and poetry!
More music surprises on New Years
(along with a possible T-Shirt design company release)

We currently live in Virginia Beach, VA and miss snow!!!
This year has been a serious whirlwind!
We love and miss you all very much!!!
more surprises to come; so come back to visit soon!!
please contact me if you would like to receive pictures from the wedding!


katrina and the king said...

everything i see that you share with me is magnificent and so meaningul. thanks for helping me understand promise and future, fun and lsughter. lightness and abandoment. i love you more that you know

katrina and the king said...

you are the whispering wind that helps me bundle up within the down comforter
feathered only in a place like switzerland

and hammock my night away

forgetting about my own despair and swining into the sweet armatic dreamland of your aspirations and goals ,laughter, kindness which feeds my soul and not just mine but with the vast connections contributuion. gifts Your take on things around you helps a lot of people forget about our sad feelings/ you estore the possibilities
whether or not you should you are and it makes such a huge difference. love sammy