Brave New World

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If you're a fan of the Aldous Huxley novel, Brave New World, come out and see me on stage for Core Theatre Ensemble's adaption of the book into a play.

It's 600 years in the future with sex, drugs,and subliminal suggestion,

Brave New World is paradise-engineering gone wrong. Aldous Huxley’s startling vision of our possible future sheds a harsh light on the present, and CORE Theatre Ensemble is bringing their

adaptation to the Old Dominion University Theater this January 21, 2010, for 7 performances only!

From the harsh post-apocalyptic reservation to the predestined, predetermined society of the new world, what is left of humanity? In the technologically advanced society in which people are engineered to be born as members of one of five different castes, is there any room for the individual?

Call 757-683-5305 for Reservations
General Admission $15/ODU Students $10

Performances dates are as follows:
Thursday, January 21 8pm
Friday, January 22 8pm
Saturday, January 23 2:30pm & 8pm
Thursday, January 28 8pm
Friday, January 29 8pm
Saturday, January 30 8pm

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