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Yesterday was a bit of a petty pity party for me. It's hard to feel like there is any forward motion in the world of art sometimes. It's time for some letters....

Dear Blog,
I'm sorry that I have not made you consistently challenging, provocative, and divergent in mystery. I'm sorry that I have wasted time writing things that I don't care about, and I've stopped making you into an exploratory creature.

Dear other blogs,
I'm sorry that I have made 26 of you. I think I am loosing my mind.

Dear Hair,
I'm thinking of cutting you very short, donating you, and dying you very blonde...will you mind?

Dear house,
you've been very {very} quiet lately....

Dear Husband,
I know you have 3 jobs now, and one of them is being a full time husband to a very needy wife. Thank-you for being there for me through my wisps and whims. PS: thanks for the rose last night. PSS: It made me cry when you invited me out dancing last night...please do more of that.

Dear Youth,
I'm sorry that I was so insistent upon chaos growing up, it really hurt me from forming any coherent future plan for my life. For the record though, I don't think you knew any better.

Dear Theatre,
I'm totally enamored by everything that you are, even when I hate you. Thanks for being my best friend.

Dear Money,
I don't care how invisible you get, you will never control even the smallest part of my life or happiness.

Dear Internships/Jobs,
Please hire me, I really will be excellent at the job!

Dear New York,
I'm coming soon.

Dear Jealousy,
You are not welcome here. You are so 1999.

Dear Skin,
I'm sorry the makeup from the show is getting to's almost over!!

Dear Mom,
I super duper love you.
You are the hand inside my hand inside my heart.
Thanks for talking every single day, sometimes it feels like you
are the only one that cares.

Dear Blog Readers,
comment more. I miss you.

Dear Name,
I'm sorry I haven't found you yet. I'm sorry "Katie" isn't good enough...but you're just going to have to bear with me till I find the perfect one.

Dear God,
I'm sorry I haven't put enough trust in your plan. Sometimes it is so hard with so much fear and pain in the world. Help me to be angry only when I need to be angry, and to be grateful at all times that I need to be.

Dear Homework,
I really will get to you someday....

Dear Back,
I'm sorry,'s been years of abuse....

Dear Aunt Ellen and Cousin Nico,
I'm so excited to see you Saturday!

Dear plane flights,
Please stop scaring me. I can't sleep at night. Please help me to know that it's going to be ok, and even if it's not ok...that the world will go on.

Dear Cavity,
as soon as the show is over....I promise....

Dear Body,
My new goal is to learn how to take care of you.

Dear Snow
I usually love you more than life itself. You have been one of the most inspirational sources for me since I was young...but really...why do you have to cancel our show this saturday? You know what...I can't blame you, I love you too much. I'm blaming hampton roads. On the other's probably better to have safer people then entertained people ;)

Dear plane flights...
ahh inclement weather! Now I'm really scared of you!!!

Dear digital camera,
You are really beat up, it's bad. One day I will buy you a brand new brother or sister.

Dear benevolent postcard society,
I'm a horrible member. Seriously, I should be kicked out.

Dear new yellow underwear,
I heart you.

Dear curb your enthusiasm,
you are our new favorite show. thanks for making us laugh.

Dear Self,
As weird as it need to let some of your talents go, and just concentrate on one for awhile for your sanity's sake. I'm sorry I don't know how to help you more with this choice, I'm sorry you haven't figured out how to combine them all yet....I hope it will come.

Dear Geico Claim Forms,
I'm getting to you....right now....

Dear chocolate mustard seed,
I found you!'s friday, have a foxy one.


Mary said...

I love this post. I very much identify with ALL Of it!

J said...

I agree with Mary - I loved this. I too write letters to myself to make sure of where I am.

I know it's been forever since I've commented, but I read and check up on you guys every day! I love your life, love, and happiness together. I wish I had that too.