Foxy Fridays

Crazy Daisies, originally uploaded by fugu fritters.

I know, I know...enough with the flowers, right? Not quite. My director was sweet enough to buy us all these crazy daisies for opening night last night. Our sweet audience was also kind enough to give us a standing ovation. I am honored to be apart of Core Theatre Ensemble's vision.

In visual show was just critiqued here. Please do read it if you have a moment of time. I'm deciding to give an additional 10% of sales to Doctors Without Boarders, and our art closing is on Sunday. Do make it out for some tunes and sparkling cidar, and maybe you'll take home your favorite piece benefiting double charities and your favorite local artist ;)

I found this picture of You the other day...what a bombshell if you ask me.

This week, being exhausted from rehearsals I watched both 500 days of Summer and Juno. They make me want to write an adorable indie flick.

Friends in Hawaii, California, and Washington all say it's been a rainy week. Same here in Virginia....ok now I'm just blabbing

have a foxy friday

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