Happy New Year [Foxy Friday]

{hello, and welcome to our 500th post!}
I hope your new year has been
Here are 10 things I've been waiting to tell you

1. Let's get something straight: I do not like cupcakes. I do not enjoy them in any sense, I believe they are over frosted, over advertised and generally overrated. Whenever I think about eating a cupcake, my stomach starts shaking its head, in a bad way (is it ever in a good way?)
This whole cupcake blogger thing is scary and makes me feel like I am a member of the step-ford wives. I do, although enjoy Muffins. Which brings us to the point at hand,
The Muffin Is The New Cupcake.
(haven't you heard?)
They are healthy, neat, come in darling
flavors like carrot and pumpkin, and best of yet are icing free! Next, I do not like the word "lovely". It scares me that everything in the blogger wordd needs to have the word "lovely" in it and be signed by "xoxo". I specifically sign my emails as ox, as a joke. To explain, I am not in fact an ox, but a tiny, opinionated little wife. Lastly, but not leastly, I am (still) a terrible housewife. I do not cook & I most certainly do not clean. I do not do windows, counters, diapers, vacuums or children, but I do love my husband in a very artistic work-a-holic sort of way (& I hope he loves me anyways!). Every once in a while I remember to feed the cats. This is me, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this blog. Every Friday I'll be sure to add a bit more sugar and spice in my writings to keep things natural and honest.

2. We make music, and are starting to make this little secret public. You can listen to it here.

3. We are also starting a T-Shirt
company. We will announce more about this later. This is one of our preliminary designs: and also our goal for 2010.

4. We have a new website. It is

5. We have opened one more store on etsy! We now sell


6. We will be stationed to (drumroll)
in August for an undetermined amount of time...

7. We have a new schedule for blogging. Here it goes

Foxy Fridays
{our weekly journal)

Sense Of Place Saturdays
(featuring artist's sense of place)

Simple Sundays
(morning inspiration)

Measure In Love Mondays
(the turtle dove project update)

Tuesday Diptychs
(my project "in our eyes" and a link to monday
night montage)

Shops That Give Back-Wed
(Our Charity Feature)

Things I make Thursdays
(update on the shops)


8. Our pieces are hanging at the
Walls Fine Art Gallery in Norfolk, Virginia.
Please check it out here

9. Our pieces are also featured at the local Java Cup Cafe in Norfolk, Virginia with an art opening on the 8th.
Please do stop by if you are in town.

10. A few reasons why I am excited about 2010
a. 2009 was a very hard year indeed
b. this is the last year I will spend as a college student!
c. I hear the first year of marriage is the hardest so things have to go uphill from here!
d. You only has 4 years left in the Navy so we're getting our life back soon!
e. I have some delicious NYC plans for this year as well
(by the way, you can see me as a background extra in both Couples Retreat and Alvin and the Chipmunks Part II)

With an attempt at steadfast synchronicity,
Katrina (& the) King


mart and lu said...

ooooh i love the cupcake. can i eat it too! happy new year to you too!

Vicky said...

Good luck in 2010!

molly said...

lol about the cupcakes. i don't like them either. but muffins are probably my favorite food. guam... wow! and uh, i thought the first year of marriage was the easiest. ha! well, not that it got worse, but now 7 years later i look back on it fondly. :-)