I miss him

Top Image: His baby picture superimposed (organically) on Pike's Peak where we were all born in Colorado Springs. Bottom Image, Left To Right: My brother and I in Alaska, My brother and I sleeping, My sister and my brother, my brother, me and his (sleepy) son Trevor on a glacier in Alaska

Happy Birthday
to my big brother, Chris
He is celebrating in Heaven
It must be simply spectacular...
Father, Son, Brother, Uncle...
I miss him more than life.
A wonderfully loving human being
A joke when you really needed it
A massage, tickle-fest, or conversation on a rough day
he would just laugh when I sweated so much about the small stuff
One of the biggest influences of my life,
though he didn't know it at the time
(I still wish it had been me)

I love you, Chris
(Love, Booger)
Say hi to Jesus for me.
I can't wait to feel you, Gamma, Bruce, Gampa, Bill, Mark, and the rest of the Barnes-King crowd soon.
He would be 32

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