a chair in paradise

Last night was one of my first nights home in what feels like forever.

Here is a list of things which I got to enjoy.

1. a long awaited trip to the chiropractor

2. a gaze at a napping You

3. a hot bath with a frosty by my side

4. my first introduction to cinnamon pull-aparts {fan}

5. berry punch mini-popsicles

6. a jam session with my Mr.

7. You saying "The best part of marriage is having extra skin"

8. doing German homework together

9. a mini water fight

10. forgetting about how messy the house really is, and just relaxing.

....and it's back to the work week tomorrow :) But I'm not complaining, there's simply nothing like a life in the theatre!


Amy said...

I love that photo, it's like the perfect start to a dream. I'm glad you had a great day off.

P.S. I got my film in the mail. Thanks so much :)

RaChelle said...

I would like to try that cinnamon thing! your day-in sounded lovely. That makes me happy. can't wait to see you tonight!