Your Sense Of Place Saturday { a little late }

365.018, originally uploaded by Leaca's Philosophy.

Seeing that it is Sunday, and not Saturday, I had to begin with these pillows. A little secret is that I did just wake up at 11:15AM today. We had a matinee as well as an evening show last night so I've turned into goo. Mr. You said something the other day that tickled me

"most times I see you, you're a head in a blanket!"

Our work schedules have been at odds lately and I'm wondering...where did the weekend go?

We're happy to feature Leaca Young for this week's sense of place!


Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

this is an endearing post...

makes me,


simply blogged said...

Thank you! I was surprised to see me on my google reader. =]