bird, on longitude
I need to take a break.
I spend far more hours on the internet each day as I should, so for Lent I am deciding to spend only one hour on the internet a day! For me, this will be a huge breakthrough and allow for more time to prepare for some job opportunities which have recently come my way, as well as a move to a new city. I feel that this will prepare me to be more organized, focused, and goal orientated as well as more apart of the beautiful world which I enjoy photographing so much. You & I have decided to take this journey together.
At the same time,
I would like to continue this blog. Therefore, I have asked several bloggers in the 'community' to contribute to the you and me show as guest bloggers. If this is something that interests you, comment below :) I would love to have you share your love stories, artwork, and inspiration here. You are very welcome in this place.
The shop will still be up and running, and I will be here every now and then to drop in and say 'hi'.
I hope that some of you will join me and that it will help us to lead healthier lives.
I am not a Catholic, but I do respect the idea of giving up something important to you for Lent, and I do not think the internet is "bad" or that technology is "ruining our society", not at all! I just no myself really well, and this is what I need.
I hope you enjoy the new content! I couldn't be more exited for what's to come!
With great love,
You & Me


Stephen K said...

Hmmm I've done my usual "no crisps, chocolate or chips" Lent cycle.

I'd love to help guest contribute if you'll have me. Ideally (as sometimes I get severe blogger's block) you'd have some sort of idea for themes etc, something to work upon for photos/poems etc

Maria-Thérèse said...

hello there,
I found and fell in love with your blog just a little while ago. We don't really do anything specific for Lent in Sweden but I am having the same thoughts as you are and actually just started to think I'd experiment and see if I can be online just 1 hour a day (even though I work via my website). Mostly because my fingers are complaining but also because it just seems so exaggerated to be online all the time, like I need to instantly see what's happening (even if nothing really is).

I would love to do a guest post if you'll have me! -> blog