A Sense of Place

Thank you Katie for inviting me to be a guest on your blog! I'm Vivienne Strauss-Stephens http://www.vivienneart.blogspot.com/ and I thought I should share a few corners of our home in Portland, Oregon. My husband, Matte Stephens and I love to collect the eclectic oddities we find either online or from Antique shops, though it wasn't until this past year we finally understood the importance of good shelving and storage so our collections are suddenly looking a lot less like clutter and a whole lot better!

I have quite a few ceramic poodles, these are just a few of them that have escaped from the dining room where I work, into the living room along with Matte's wooden ducks and ceramic hands.

We took a trip to Seattle last weekend and found two really great old oil paintings at Antiques at Pike Place, possibly the best antique store we've ever been to. This one is called Card Sharks and signed Carpenter, date unknown. This is also part of my Eva Zeisel collection, schmoos and bird salt and pepper shakers and the clock is part of Matte's Howard Miller collection.

This was the real prize that day, a 1955 painting of a boy with a puppet, this was just way too wonderful and odd to leave behind!

I am a huge fan of movies, a day doesn't go by without me watching at least one, this was a birthday gift from Matte several years ago, Jeanne Moreau is one of my favorite actresses, though she most often plays someone completely wicked!

I hope I'm not boring you yet, I'm still drinking my morning coffee, I have a bit of a caffeine habit...

This is probably my weirdest collection, odd dolls, people either love them or they give them the creeps. On that note, I had fun sharing a few corners of our home with you, have a wonderful weekend!


Kate Gabrielle said...

I love the Jeanne Moreau poster & the puppet painting! What a great find!

matte stephens said...

This was a wonderful post Vivienne!! :D

A Wedding Fit for a King said...

Vivienne, thank you so much for guest blogging! :) I love those little ducks in the first image, too much! I also love the little ducks later on, they look like they are conspiring by that painting.

My mother is a great lover of antiques and I remember gathering similar items my entire life...I can't wait to share this post for her.

you & me

Amy said...

Vivienne, I love that first photo. Those duck are so cute.

Loudlife said...

Wow, Vivienne! Sometimes I swear we are psychic twins - except that you're the much cooler one! My husband is DYING to get some of those ducks. (- But not so much that he's willing to pay top dollar!) We have several schmoos and also glove molds, and a lot (a LOT)of Eva Zeisel! An old friend of mine was once Jeanne Moreau's personal assistant on the set of a Merchant/Ivory film - and still calls her to chat sometimes! (Clearly, he's also cooler than I am!)