I needed this today

The sun & I are always fighting and making up. I prefer to consider myself a mole as I cannot take too much sunshine or a migrane creeps into my little body like last night. At that point the only solution is a deep and dark sleep fest. But for some reason, sunshine in the morning, particularly in the springtime is particularly handsome to me, & I have been lucky enough to have them in successive abundance the last couple of lit mornings.
I am inside the waiting ocean, opportunities keep coming and leaving me at the dinner table and every day there are more and more spoonfuls of what I do not know. Despite the swirling complexities, how my dreams are eating each other alive, and how words like 'money' and 'family' can taste uneven, emotions are the unjust un-clever ruler of my barely breathing brain.
I am left with the blessing of a wonderful husband, recent days of friends, and the idea that I am so young ( can I please stay 21 until ever ) and only wish I would have made more mistakes, gotten more lost, and waited longer before the sun.
I still feel new & full of chance.


Mary said...

What a beautiful read! It's been proven we're all lacking vitamin D. But I think I just absorbed some through your photograph! ;)

Katrina LB King said...

Thanks but oh it's not mine! It's Chelsea Victoria's cited underneath :)

Mary said...

Love her work! Great post.